Monday, October 24, 2016

A  new Image from Sherri Ann Baldy
and you can find her here
 She is colored with copic alcohol ink Markers My coloring choices are listed below. 

Skin E000,E00, E21, E11,R20
Hair and shoes  Black 100, W9, W5, W3, W0, B000
Dress BG13, BG11, G02, G00, G000,
Sweater BV08, BV13, BV02, BV00, BV0000

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A New little troll from Sherri Ann Baldy.  Have you seen the trailer for the troll movie coming out?  
I have  to see it. hehe. 

the colors i used are copic markers, 
skin E11, E21, E00, E000
Hair C10, C5, C3, C1, C0, Boo, B000
Dress is B95, B93, B91, B000
Leaves G28, YG67, YG 25, YG23, YG00
Flowers are YR27 Yr 65,YR00
Y18,Y15, Y11

Well Halloween is just around the corner.  Found this cool image from Aurara Wings at 
Colored  in Alcohol Ink copic markers. Markers I used are  

Skull C10,C5,C3, C1,C0
flowers are E15, YR27, YR68, YR65, YR00
Leaves G99,G94, YG63,G82, YG11, G20

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ok, last troll for today This I plan to put on a Birthday Card. Also can be found her at
scan 0056 
Colored with copic markers 
 Hair and leaves G28,YG67,YG23, YG11, Y11
Cupcake C3,C1,C0, 
Frosting R56, RV34, RV32, RV000
Skin E11, E21, E00, E000
Flowers and wings V06, V04, V01, E25, Y15,Y13,Y11
Dress E25, Y15, Y11

This little one is a favorite of mine and so much fun to color. You Can find her here at. 
scan 0019 

Colored with Copic Alcohol ink markers 
Skin E04,E11,E21,E00,E000,R20 fo9r blush
Eyes and leaves G99,YG67,YG63<YG61
Butterflies and dress V09,V06,V04,V01
E25, Y18,Y13,Y11
Hair R 56, RV34, RV32, RV000

Been awhile since I have had time to do any blogging but thought I would start out with a few adorable tolls from Sheri Ann Baldy. You can find them at
scan 0038

This cutie was colored with Copic Alcohol markers. 

Skin E11 E21 E00 E000 and R20 
Hat and shirt R39 R37 R35 R32 
C3 C1 C0
Pants YG67 YG63 YG61 YG11